Thursday, February 24, 2011

[Spoiler: Dream High] Kim Soo Hyun transforms into ‘Dark Samdong’

On KBS 2TV’s “Dream High“‘, country boy ‘Samdong’ – played by actor Kim Soo Hyun – has transformed into ‘Dark Samdong’.
The 11th episode of “Dream High” started with Samdong’s shocked reaction to ‘Jin Guk” (OckTaecyeon) and ‘Haemi’ (Bae Suzy)’s kiss. Up until that moment, Samdong had been an innocent boy who was genuinely in love with Haemi.
Heartbroken and angry, Samdong decides to cut his hair – a traditional symbolic gesture of one’s transformation. Stepping out from the barber’s, Samdong will now walk as “Dark Samdong”, a cold man stunned by the betrayal of love.
The shock eventually wears off as he walks through the streets. Samdong is seeing crying as he broods over his thoughts, “My mother lied to me. She said the heaven only gives as much pain as one can withstand, but it is too difficult for me to bear”.
It’ll be interesting to see how the love triangle will be affected by Samdong’s abrupt transformation. Stay tuned to allkpop for more “Dream High” updates!
sources: Allkpop

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