Sunday, February 20, 2011

[Spoiler: Dream High] IU & Wooyoung hold…

After finally realizing their feelings for one another on last week’s episode of KBS’s “Dream Highthe trailer for the 14th episode featured footage of ‘Pil Sook’ and ‘Jason’ holding hands as they prepare to submit their video auditions.
For the past few episodes, the ‘milky couple’ has been melting the hearts of fans with their push-and-pull tactics, so fans were elated to see them initiate skinship like this. They gushed, “They make me so excited,” and “What if they have their first kiss!”
The preview of the upcoming episode which will air on February 21st also brought out the viewers’ curiosity about the other cast members, as they saw ‘Baek Hee’ pulling ‘Hyemi’ into a hug and asking what’s going to happen to ‘Jin Guk’, as ‘Jin Guk’ watches on in tears.
Source: Allkpop

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