Monday, June 13, 2011

Leeteuk "I once grabbed Eunhyuk by the collar"

Lee Teuk, the leader of the star idol group Super Junior, appeared on the episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Sunday-Two Days and One Night” that aired on June 9 and said that he had once grabbed Eun Hyuk, a Super Junior member, by the collar, which drew the attention of viewers. Asked if he had ever quarreled with members of Super Junior, he said, “I once grabbed Eun Hyuk by the collar, whom I’ve known for ten years.”

He said, “The members are very mischievous by nature. Usually I have endured their mischief well, but one day when Sin Dong, Seong Min and Eun Hyuk were quite naughty, I was not in a good condition and was nervous.”
He recalled the situation at that time and said, “I was annoyed at their mischievous actions. When I looked up, I saw Eun Hyuk -- who I think is easy to deal with -- and grabbed him by the collar.”
According to Lee, Eun Hyuk was shocked by the accident and did not show up for the live broadcast of KBS 2FM’s “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio” show the next day, bewildering the production team and other cast members. The producer in charge of the program, who was worried because Eun Hyuk did not show up without notice, asked Lee Teuk if Eun Hyuk had any problem in connection with a girlfriend.
Lee Teuk confessed, “I couldn’t put blame on myself and said ‘I don’t know’ with an air of innocence,” which produced laughter in the audience.
Lee Teuk also revealed the secret of "idol airport fashion." He said that Choi Si Won, one of the Super Junior members, always wears a suit and tie, parts his hair at the side and even takes a carrier with him whenever he goes to the airport.
Also on the episode, announcer Lee Ji-ae (who is also a KBS Cool FM Radio DJ), Lee Hyun Woo, Danny Ahn, Super Junior's Yesung and Lee Teuk appeared and recounted various incidents.

B2ST Fiction is a Hit Thanks to Kolon Sports

After the music video was released after a week, BEAST's 'Fiction' already exceeded 130 million views in public broadcast and sweeps the music cable charts thanks to Kolon Sports.

The music video became a hot interest because of BEAST's fashion.

In the 'Fiction' music video, Lee Kikwang was in a black vest that exposes his arms that emphasizes his masculinity with Yong Junhyung who wears a black vest with a white round[neck] t-shirt that shows a simple yet stylish style. On the other hand, Yoon Doojoon and Jang Hyunseung wore black jackets that was decorated with many zippers that shows their tough charms. But these jackets is a one-of-a-kind item. 'The Touchable Jacket' of Kolong Sports was introduced through BEAST's music video, is made from a material of comfortable cotton that is soft to the touch and this stylish casual jacket has detachable sleeves and pockets. With this detachable function, different styles can be made on the members and can even be worn with a vest.

This fashion, a product of Kolon Sports, BEAST wore in the music video became a focus of adoring fans and they investigate about the product, and through SNS channel, Kolon Sports's 'BEAST Jacket' became a hot issue that spreads rapidly.

Kolon Sports Marketing Director, Park Seunghwa said, 'Kolon Sports's travel line is having a collaboration for the season launching with French designer 'Jean Kolonna' as an outdoor line that is functional yet fashionable that emphasizes more on the features. It is unlikely for idols to go outdoor and it has become a hot topic as it shows a smart and independent side, even 10 teenagers notify that the brand is good possibility.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Official Daum Fanscafe ranks

Daum Fancafe Rankings (June 2011)
-As of June 10,2011

1. DBSK 742,064
2. Bigbang 346,300
3.snsd 298,404
4. SS501 272,103
5. 2pm 236,967
6. Super Junior 220,305
7. BEAST197,801
8. SHINHWA 176,910
9. SHINee 124,884
10.FT-Island 98,862
11.Wonder Girls 98,707
12. 2ne1 96,388
13. MBLAQ 82,063
14. FX 65,497
15. 2AM57,895
16. kara 55,511
17.Brown Eyed Girls 43,122
18. CSJH The Grace 41,144
19. Seeya 38,246
19. CNBLUE 37, 231
20. 4minute: 31,114
21. ZE:A 26,013
22. Miss A 25, 547
23. Teen top 25, 480
24.After school 19,958
25. Infinite 19, 457
26. Co-ed school 15,665
27. Secret 13,034
28. Super Nova 12,660
29. 4men 10, 809
30. Rainbow 7,595
31. B1A4 7,433
32. Block B 4,900
33. 8eight 4,489
34.Sistar 3,875
35. U-kiss 3,495
36. Nine Muses 2,712
37. Dal Shabet 2,545

38. Girls Day 1,184

Friday, June 10, 2011

Official Fan Cafe member ranks

01. TVXQ: 743,056
02. Bigbang: 346,290
03. SNSD: 298,599
04. BEAST: 191,996
05. 2PM: 190,805
06. Superjunior: 184,175
07. Buzz: 134,411
07. SHINee: 125,046
08. Shinhwa: 115,583
09. Wonder girls: 98,993
10. FT Island: 98,565
11. 2ne1: 96,428
12. MBLAQ: 82,100
13. HOT: 72,371
14. GOD: 69,167
15. f(x): 65,297
16. SES: 58,837
17. 2AM: 58,072
18. Kara: 55,533
19. Fly to the sky: 48.832
20. sugar: 44,849
21. Brown Eyed Girls: 43,203
22. CNBLUE: 36,983
23. 4 minute: 30,819
24. ZE:A: 26,0294
25. teentop: 25,286

B2ST wins Music Bank K-Chart triple crown + other performances

Music Bank is back with a fun and exciting show that was chock-full of amazing performances!
Besides the usual stages, there were comebacks from 4MEN and Ji Sun, while Kim Hyun Joong made his solo debut. Elsewhere, Rania begun follow-up promotions.
F.T. Island faced off against B2ST for this week’s K-Chart. In the end, it was the latter who clinched only their 2nd triple crown in just two days since their debut.
Congratulations to B2St on their triple crown win!
Other performers included Baek Ji Young, Brian, SECRET, Jang Woo Hyuk, Alex, Norazo, After School, Ali, Kim Jong Min, Clover, A Pink, Jewelry, X-5, Eru, and B1A4.
This is a triple crown music bank for B2ST..
비스트 진짜 대박..
congratulation to B2ST..

Thursday, June 9, 2011

B2ST wins triple crown on M! Countdown + other performances

Mnet’s “M! Countdown” is back with another episode of great performances and musical treats.
Besides the usual stages on the show today, there were comebacks for Sunny Hill and 4MEN, while Kim Hyun Joong made his debut as a solo artist. Elsewhere, Japanese pop and R&B singer Thelma Aoyama performed a special stage with girl group 4minute.
It was a battle between F.T. IslandB2ST, and Baek Ji Young for the #1 spot on “M! Countdown” today, and in the end, it was B2ST who clinched their triple crown win! Congratulations to B2ST!
[coming soon]
Songs that charted this week.
Other performers who stood on stage included Eru, Jewelry, Lim Jeong Hee, Alex, 5dolls, Clover, SECRET, A Pink, and Jang Woo Hyuk.
Check out their performances below!

Congratulation to B2ST for the triple crown on MNET Countdown...
this is B2ST third week win at MNET Countdown with Fiction and hope they can win again next week...
all B2UTY so proud with B2ST oppa...