Monday, June 13, 2011

Leeteuk "I once grabbed Eunhyuk by the collar"

Lee Teuk, the leader of the star idol group Super Junior, appeared on the episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Sunday-Two Days and One Night” that aired on June 9 and said that he had once grabbed Eun Hyuk, a Super Junior member, by the collar, which drew the attention of viewers. Asked if he had ever quarreled with members of Super Junior, he said, “I once grabbed Eun Hyuk by the collar, whom I’ve known for ten years.”

He said, “The members are very mischievous by nature. Usually I have endured their mischief well, but one day when Sin Dong, Seong Min and Eun Hyuk were quite naughty, I was not in a good condition and was nervous.”
He recalled the situation at that time and said, “I was annoyed at their mischievous actions. When I looked up, I saw Eun Hyuk -- who I think is easy to deal with -- and grabbed him by the collar.”
According to Lee, Eun Hyuk was shocked by the accident and did not show up for the live broadcast of KBS 2FM’s “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio” show the next day, bewildering the production team and other cast members. The producer in charge of the program, who was worried because Eun Hyuk did not show up without notice, asked Lee Teuk if Eun Hyuk had any problem in connection with a girlfriend.
Lee Teuk confessed, “I couldn’t put blame on myself and said ‘I don’t know’ with an air of innocence,” which produced laughter in the audience.
Lee Teuk also revealed the secret of "idol airport fashion." He said that Choi Si Won, one of the Super Junior members, always wears a suit and tie, parts his hair at the side and even takes a carrier with him whenever he goes to the airport.
Also on the episode, announcer Lee Ji-ae (who is also a KBS Cool FM Radio DJ), Lee Hyun Woo, Danny Ahn, Super Junior's Yesung and Lee Teuk appeared and recounted various incidents.

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