Monday, November 7, 2011

Nam Jihyun, a 'Hateful Lady' to Kim Soeun in 'A Thousand Kisses'

Girl group 4minute's Nam Jihyun showed a perfect acting of a 'Hateful Lady' as she throw away all her anger to Kim Soeun.

We can see the scene in MBC TV Weekend Drama 'A Thousand Kisses', in the episode on 6th November.

Sooah (Nam Jihyun) was preparing the meal alone in Jiseon (Cha Hwayeon)'s kitchen, and asked the whereabouts of Yoomi (Kim Soeun). Jiseon explained that she has something urgent to do in her room. Then Sooah went to her room and showed her anger.

Sooah said to Yoomi, "Just because your mother-in-law treats you well, you can't forget your position. Thick-skinned." Yoomi was frozen because she doesn't know what to do. Jiseon hits Sooah's back lightly and scolded her.

After that, Sooah runs to Byeongdu (Lee Sunjae) and told him that Jiseon hits her. This is not the first time that Sooah made Jiseon embarrassed. 4minute's Jihyun showed a perfect character of a hateful lady.

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